Produced by the Brooklyn Opera Theater, Nathaniel Green, Artistic Director. Photos by Gary Babad.
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""What has happened to my little

Set paintings by Mark Renfro
and Erica Babad

'A little off the back please.'

Frank brings home the 'Nose'.

Listening to Caruso on the

'He still thinks he can sing!'

"I will find your Papa's Nose!"

'Set paintings by Mark Renfro
and Erica Babad

"Watch what you're doing
with that thing!"

Set paintings by Mark Renfro
and Erica Babad

Taking their bows.

"I won't take it anymore!"

"That half-wit. He'll do
anything he's told!"

"You're only going to school,
not to a ball!"

"Maybe he has something there."

"I am Caspar Antonelli!"

"Why not me? Why not me?"

"Fortune shines upon you!"

"Your nose will turn up."

"Wisdom: When will it come?"

"If anybody can find Caspar's
nose, you can."

The composer takes a bow.

"Maestro Pasta Pasquale,
Metropolitan Opera House!"

"A truly professional solution!"

"Maybe he did cut his nose off.
He can't even speak."

"Caspar! Breakfast is ready!"

"Don't worry about a thing."

"What more could a 'modern'
girl want?"

Opening night, December 5, 1987.