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Photo of Richard WhitePortrait: August,2004
Photographs are moments frozen in time. We're here for so short a time - 'just visiting,' as I like to say - that without photographs, we leave virtually nothing behind. Perhaps that's as it should be. But if digital photography were around when I was younger, who know how many more photos I'd be able to inflict on my visitors?

As sad as it is, I'm always excited when I run across photos of anonymous people who have been long gone from this earth so I can speculate on their lives. Thery were once children, probably siblings and parents; they loved and had moods, favorite foods, etc. To be reduced to an anonymous image is a helluva fate.

The Sonoran Desert that surrounds Tucson, Arizona in the southwestern United States is filled with Saguaro cacti such as those pictured here. It is interesting to note that the Saguaro doesn't even develop its characteristic arms until it is at least fifty years of age. This one in the Tucson Mountains about 12 miles to the west of Tucson, is at least four times taller than it appears here and was not the tallest in the area by any means. The mountains in the far distance to the south are in Mexico.

In the photo to the left and the one below, I am pictured in my front yard. When we first bought this house, the front consisted of a few desert plants and a circular driveway filled with gravel. The first thing we did was fire the "valet," giving us leave to redo the area. I literally (by hand with a pick ax and a spade) removed the gravel, dug up the blacktop, and began breaking the dry desert ground that had probably not been disturbed in fifty years! Needless to say, the ground was extremely hard. Eventually, I carved out a small desert landscape by adding random berms and swales and planting additional desert plants as well as desert wildflowers.

A series of photos playing Mozart, taken in my studio by my son during a recent visit. Although, of course, these are still photographs, I am physically very "quiet" when I play, which I think comes through in these photos. The Mozart is a Sonata in C major, K.330.

My son and I in 1978 in our Brooklyn back yard. These photos were taken by my friend Ann Marie ("Nonny") Cornell and were featured on a local television show about single parents. I still have my son's baseball cap but not the hair or its color or length of beard.

1978 by Ann Marie Cornell

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