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In December of 1971 I wanted to write a short piano piece as a Christmas gift for a piano student. Normally I write such pieces rather quickly, but this time I was unable to meet my deadline. Liking what I had produced of Reflections in a Lake thus far, I finished it and added five more short (some very short!) pieces. Four months later, in April of 1972, Six Pieces for the Younger Pianist was finished. Although short, these pieces do require several good years of pianistic training to navigate successfully. Coincidentally, my son was born in February of 1972; overall, a rather productive year I'd say!

It wasn't until twenty years later that I once again took up the task of writing a group of short, melodious piano pieces (naturally, with some mild Twentieth Century harmonic twists and turns). A Baker's Dozen Plus One, from 1992, was written very quickly during a two week period in July of that year. A Baker's Dozen refers to an old baker's habit of adding one to the purchase of a dozen, as in buy a dozen doughnuts, get thirteen. The "Plus One" refers to my inability to stop at thirteen pieces and my apparent further inability to come up with a more creative title! Fortunately for me I'm not a baker!

As was the case with "Six Pieces", these pieces are relatively easy to play, but the score does indicate they are for the "intermediate pianist." Once again, several years of serious study are needed to do these pieces any justice.

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(Fourteen pieces for the intermediate pianist.)

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